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Hello from Isby Music Group...We here at IMG we want to give the artist with real true talent a chance...

Up Coming!!!

Kra$h Stay Tune.
Ghost Stay Tune.
Mannish Mike Stay Tune.
Malajha P Stay Tune.
Ferrari Stay Tune.

Krash -Stay Tune.

Ghost-Stay Tune.

Mannish Mike-Stay Tune.

Malajha-Stay Tune.

Ferrari-Stay Tune.

What’s Next At IMG


dIG Coming In April 2019

EdCrayzie Coming In April 2019

ArmonEG Coming In April 2019

Jourdana Jourdan Coming In April 2019

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Jourdana Jourdan

We have signed a well put together team of artist from R&B to Hip Hop at its best here’s the roster,,,,

Ghost, Malajha P, Kra$h,Mannish Mike, Ferrari,Bishop and we just sign Jourdana J..

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Coming Soon Stay Tune!!!!!

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We love meeting artists in every stage of their music careers. Reach out to see what we can do for you.

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